Saturday, July 14, 2007

And some more Jap pics !

Here are some pictures taken by my friend Gunnella (explains why I'm in some of them :-))
1) Me getting som incence smoke at the temple in Asakusa, the smoke is supposed to have healing properties (my feet actually got better during the trip...), 2) Doing Karaoke with style !, 3) Hilda having a traditional japanese dinner at the hotel in Hakune, 4) The group looking at a red temple gate in Lake Asha, 5) Halldór, Hilda and Ragnar enjoying a chocolate ice desert !

Still more pics !

Pic nr. 1) The Rainbow bridge, seen on a boat ride on the Sumida river, 2) Hilda with JP and Lizzie (Gunnella's friends from Scotland that were visiting at the same time) on the boat ride, 3) Homeless people on the banks of river (note that they all pack their things neatly in blue tarp !, 4) A square watermelon !, 5) A festival near Ueno, note the guy on top of the ladder, he did all sorts of tricks there !

More pics !

Nr 1) The temple in Asakusa 2) A dragon-shaped faucet at a racoon shrine near Asakusa, 3)Small child statues at a temple near Tokyo Tower 4) Temple, Tokyo Tower in the background 5) The view from Tokyo Tower (the tower is 8,6 m higher than the Eiffel tower).

Finally ! Some sign of life !! Pics from Japan !

Pics are as follows: 1) Me and Hilda at the Hard Rock Café in Ueno, Tokyo, 2) Us with Elena and some Harajuku girls, 3) Sake barrels near a temple in Harajuku, 4) Hilda and Gunnella at a train station, 5) At a great restaurant where we got numerous small courses and all got a taste

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The latest pictures from the Mávahlíð gang

Visited my small nephews today. Oh my, cuteness factor off the chart. Here are some pictures from the visit

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A visit to my friend Sif

Today I visited Sif and her daughters. Hilda and Steingrímur were with me and we brought some cake :-) Little Eyrún was wary of the visitors, but I managed to hold her for a couple of minutes before she started screaming for her mother. Some pictures follow:

Thursday, May 10, 2007

And then some !

More pics !!!

Costume party/ball pictures

Costume party/ball !!

Last Saturday I went to a costume party/ball! I went as the bride of Frankenstein (very befitting, I know). The evening started at Júlíana's place with a couple of Mohitas. Then we went to at party at Tommi's place. Tommi was dressed as Borat and he offered us shots of Topas snafs repeatedly. Soon the party was filled with people in diverse funny costumes :-) The ball itself was in Álftanes and a bus came to the party to pick us up. It was great fun, feast your eyes on the pictures :-)

Monday, April 23, 2007

A visit to the Mávahlíð family

Trip to Kleifarvatn